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Create an Incredible Customer Experience That’s Also Profitable

Join product leaders from technology companies of all sizes for a full-day immersive summit on developing your playbook for profitable subscription offers that will also delight your customers.

Learn how to solve critical issues product leaders are facing when trying to create profitable subscription offers, including:

  • The evolution of product management in the as-a-service world
  • Embracing the complete customer experience
  • Metrics that matter for subscription products
  • Adopting the startup mindset
  • Crafting profitable as-a-service offers
  • Practices that won't work anymore

Who Should Come

Whether you're a product leader with born-in-the-cloud software and/or hardware technology or are currently working on getting there, this event is for you! Those who will benefit the most from this powerful agenda include:

  • Directors, VPs, and leaders of product management and/or marketing
  • Senior leadership responsible for offer development
  • Founders and executives focused on driving profitable growth in the Cloud

From the Authors of the Technology-as-a-Service Playbook

Join authors, Thomas Lah and J.B. Wood, as they host a one-day summit dedicated to building profitable subscription offers.

For over a decade, they have dedicated their careers to discovering and delivering the world's best data insight and best practices for creating successful and profitable customer experiences. The release of the acclaimed book, Technology-as-a-Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business in 2016 was the culmination of this critical body of work.

Speakers and Agenda

The co-author of Technology-as-a-Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business tackles the challenges related to unprofitable subscription models, defines the "complete offer" for driving customer success, and uncovers the best practices for profitable growth.

In a high-growth subscription model, the pressure to stay ahead of the disruption curve can be a driving force for innovation or extinction. Still, the greatest protection of market share is a delighted customer, something HubSpot’s product team is passionate to deliver. Every interaction, from software to support, is an opportunity to understand the customer's greatest problems and design a better path to the customer outcome. Get the best practices for cross-functional customer growth to find the signal in the noise and generate continuous customer delight.

Learn the practices and metrics that fuel successful customer journeys. Get the Salesforce perspective on applying the principles of customer experience design in technical product management to rapidly develop and learn from offers in order to drive customer outcomes.

Explore processes that have been popularized by tech startups and actionable insights on how to adapt them for high growth and enterprise product teams.

Your company offers XaaS or wants to pivot there. As a product leader and the CEO of your product, it has the potential to be a long and grueling journey to launch, monetize, and scale. You start with subscription pricing and customers are buying. You add services to help the customer adopt. But wait! Why does the traditional customer experience suddenly seem inadequate? In particular, how must product management and development adapt to accelerate results? Hear the insights and learnings from one Product Management leader who's made this journey a few times.

Every business leader, product executives included, wants to solve the customer problem while optimizing the return on their product and portfolio investments. Unfortunately, many strategic initiatives may not fully capture customer needs, which leads to bloated feature sets and poor usage.

In this informative workshop, engage in a stimulating discussion to understand what works and what doesn’t on the journey to balancing product and service strategy, creation, implementation, and performance to get the results you want aligned with the outcomes your customers seek.

Now, more than ever, organizations must identify how to add value to their core technology with services that deliver on the promise. Discover what success looks like with lessons learned by HOSTING as they've transformed their offer with managed services. Get the best practices for productizing services that drive customer outcomes, and identify traditional product management practices that have to evolve.

Product leaders of innovative technology solutions discuss the challenges of monitoring the success of as-a-service product offers and share the best practices for leveraging technology to drive adoption and renewal.

The co-author of Technology-as-a-Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business will dive into the model for profitable subscription offers, the data behind the insights, and what it takes across functions to deliver the next generation of success in the Cloud.

About the Venue

ProductNEXT attendees will receive a special room rate $169 per night at the luxurious ARIA Resort & Casino, a shining jewel on the Las Vegas strip.

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More About This Summit

As-a-service products have disrupted the classic product model. In order to create a complete customer experience, suppliers are now responsible for both solving problems with their technology and ensuring customers achieve the results they're looking for. Every customer touchpoint contributes to the story of their success, and all of that data insight must find its way back to development of the next product offer that will drive customer success.

The content in this summit is based on successful workshops Thomas Lah and J.B. Wood have conducted at some of the world's largest technology companies about creating profitable offers for subscription products.


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