Q: What is the conference dress code?
A: Business casual attire is recommended for all activities and events.

Q: What is the conference Twitter hashtag?
A: The official hashtag of Product Next 2018 is: #NEXTSummit18. Follow the event on Twitter @product_NEXT. Stay current on the latest happenings at TSIA by following us on Twitter @TSIACommunity.

Q: Do you provide a list of conference attendees?
A: No.

Q: Will media be present at the event?
A: No, we do not issue press passes, nor do we invite the press to our conferences. This allows us to maintain a safe environment for participants to engage in frank discussions.

Product Next and Technology & Services World (TSW)

Q: Are Product Next and Technology & Services World (TSW) the same event?
A: No, they are not the same event. They are both hosted by TSIA and will run concurrently with each other. The events align with different TSIA membership research practices and require separate registrations to attend. Details on the differences in content covered by both events can be found below. If you have more questions, please contact us at events@tsia.com.

The two events will cross over Tuesday afternoon (10/16) when Product Next attendees will join TSW for two sessions by Aha’s Brian de Haaff and TSIA’s George Humphrey.

Q: If I am a XaaS Product Management member, can I use my XaaS Product Management voucher to attend TSW?
A: No, XaaS Product Management membership vouchers are only valid for Product Next.

Q: If I am a TSIA member with conference vouchers, can I use those to attend Product Next?
A: You can only use conference vouchers associated with the XaaS Product Management Research Practice to attend Product Next. If your company is a TSIA member, but not an XaaS Product Management member, there is a $100 TSIA member discount available to all interested attendees from all member companies.

Q: Can you attend TSW on Monday or Tuesday with a Product Next badge?
A: No, They are separate events and the badge/registration associated with one event will not allow you access to the other. If you are interested in attending TSW for a single day, there are one day passes for TSW available for purchase on the TSW registration page.

Q: Is Product Next directly associated with TSIA?
A: Yes.

Registering for Product Next

Q: Can you register for Product Next on site Monday October 15th?
A: No, Registration will open at 12:00 PM Tuesday 10/16.


Q: Can I send someone in my place if my plans change?
A: Yes, substitutions are allowed. To transfer your registration, please send us an email with your name, as well as the name and contact information of the person you'd like to substitute. If you need to make a change on-site, please visit the Registration desk.

For hotel room and reservation transfers, please contact the hotel directly to make necessary changes.

Q: How do I obtain a member voucher number and where do I enter it?
A: Conference vouchers are purchased with your TSIA membership agreement and are sent to the primary contact for XaaS Product Management. If you have not been given one of the available voucher numbers and wish to use one to register, please contact us via email and you will receive the name of the person at your company who owns the vouchers and has the authority to distribute them.


Q: Can XaaS Product Management Founding Advisory Board members attend TSW Monday?
A: Yes. They must go to the registration counter to claim their Monday day pass.

Content Covered at Product Next

Q: What are the differences between this year's content compared to last year’s?
A: We’ll be expanding on content that we covered last year and get into new areas, since it’s a two-day event this year compared to the last year’s one-day event. The agenda is aligned with our new XaaS Product Management research practice, which is focused on Product Management’s role in creating and growing profitable “as-a-service” offers.

Product Next 2018 will be expanding on some of the topics covered last year including how to move from features to outcomes and the analytics strategy. The event will also cover topics not discussed last year including the cross-functional hand offs that the product team will have to make that is different than before including Product’s relationship with Customer Success and Services. Additional topics this year include pricing and the go to market strategy for these offers, key lessons learned from product leaders that have successfully made the “as-a-service” transformation, and how to optimize the “as-a-service” product in alignment to LAER.


Q: What are the differences in content from Product Next and TSW?
A: The content that will be covered at Product Next is aligned with TSIA’s new XaaS Product Management research practice and is being developed for a Product Management audience. Please refer to the Product Next schedule for more details.

The content that will be covered at TSW aligns with TSIA’s other research practices (Customer Success, Education Services, Expand Selling, Field Services, Managed Services, Professional Services, Service Revenue Generation, Support Services) and is being developed for audiences within these practices. Please refer to the TSW schedule for more details.

Q: What are some topics covered in Product Next that are not covered at TSW?

  • Developing as-a-service offers, including pricing
  • Tuning the product to help with adoption, expansion, and renewal
  • Working with Services and Customer Success to generate product insights

Q: What are some topics covered at TSW and not Product Next?

  • Pricing Customer Success (Service Revenue Generation)
  • Different services package bundles that are included with the sale of the product (Service Revenue Generation)
  • Ongoing customer support (Support Services)
  • Installation of the product (Professional Services)
  • Adoption of the product post-sales (Customer Success)

Q: Can I obtain a copy of the presentations?
A: Yes! Login instructions to access presentations will be provided to attendees.

Hotel and Venue

Q: Does my conference fee include a hotel reservation?
A: No. Hotel room reservations must be made separately. To book your room online and learn more about accommodations, please visit our hotel page.

Q: Does the ARIA offer a special room rate for the conference?
A: Yes. The attendee room rates at the ARIA are:
Saturday, October 13 - Thursday, October 18: $245.00 nightly rate + taxes & fees. Attendees will receive a reduced resort fee.

The hotel room block dedicated for TSIA’s conferences sells out quickly, so if you know that you will be attending, it is advised that you reserve your room ahead of time, as well as the rooms of any additional teammates you are expecting. Name changes on reservations are permitted. Visit our hotel registration page for more details.

Q: Does Product Next offer housing services outside of the ARIA?
A: No. If you are contacted by any outside company telling you that they are the official housing service for Product Next, please do not do business with them, as it is a known housing scam targeting TSIA conference attendees. Product Next and TSIA do not currently utilize a sleeping room housing service and is in no way affiliated with these services. Conference attendees must make lodging reservations directly with ARIA via our online hotel registration page or by calling (866) 359-7757 or (702) 590-7757.

Q: Is there anywhere at Product Next where I can have a private meeting?
A: The ARIA has private mini-suites available to rent for meetings or private calls through their Business Services Center. Located at the entrance to the convention hall, this resource is also available for conference attendees to access the internet, use office services and supplies, and ship and receive mail.

Q: Is there free WiFi at the hotel and in the convention space?
A: The ARIA hotel and conference space provides free WiFi to all attendees. Guests staying at the ARIA will also have access to high-speed internet, which is included as part of their resort fee.
Q: Where can I obtain beverages, breakfast, or lunch before the start of the conference on Tuesday?
A: The ARIA offers a variety of delicious restaurants and cafes for either sit-down or quick, take-out meals. View the list of dining establishments here.

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